Astobiza vermouth

It is the first vermouth in the world made with white wine from Ondarrabi Zuri grapes, harvested in Finca Astobiza, to which they add cereal alcohol with juniper from their London Dry Gin (Best Gin in Spain 2020 at the World Gin Awards), they adjust its kindness with grape must and macerate with different botanical times that we select with care. Among them, the presence of absinthe and citrus fruits of the environment stands out.

Vermouth Astobiza Spain

Concept of Astobiza vermouth comes from Damajuana No 3 out of 12 Damajuanas that they have used to perform hundreds of tests by Astobiza team over the last few years. The goal achieved: to balance bitterness and acidity in a long, clean and fresh palate, maintaining the Atlantic character of the wines and, at the same time, maintaining the gastronomic profile that characterizes them. Controlled maceration of secret botanicals is divided into citrus, herbal and bitter.

We recommend tasting the white vermouth “as is” and using the red one for cocktails. To prepare pink vermouth, simply serve the white “on the rocks” and then add a few drops of red vermouth. To prepare red vermouth, you can serve the white “on the rocks” and serve the red to taste.