Born in Madrid in the late nineties, UNOde50 came into existence in response to the need of finding a jewelry style that would break away from everything that exists. A revolution where traditional jewelry techniques and processes were used for a new way of doing things. The first UNOde50 collections were made up of only 50 units of each design. All of their materials are unmistakable thanks to the use of a unique alloy that respects the handcrafted characteristic of the manufacturing process. The use of leather and other materials like crystals and pearls defines the brand’s DNA.

In a similar path, Apodemia is a chain of stores which sells exclusive designer jewelry created by a team of designers led by Jimena Von Knobloch. Jewelry 24/7 delicate and inspired by Nature. Spanish, but of international vocation, Apodemia is created around the members of their community, although their butterflies are the main focus of attention.

Aristocrazy has commenced its international expansion process based on its growth in Spain and the warm reception it has received overseas as a Joyería Suarez heritage. Their objective is to take Aristocrazy to new markets, infatuation with fashion and the latest trends in jewelry.

Tous is one of the world’s most distinctive jewelry and accessory brands. Each individual piece is the direct result of the brand’s devotion to craftsmanship and the responsible origination of all its raw materials from diamonds to metals. Tous was founded in Barcelona by Salvador Tous Blavi in 1920. The family operated brand evolved their elegant style for decades, ultimately perfecting their trademark jewelry collections with the introduction of the Tous bear in the 1980s. The Tous bear endeared the brand’s jewelry offerings to countless Spain-based fans, driving expansion internationally and triggering the growth into the world of accessories.

Another well-known brands in Spanish jewelry are:

Magerit is a brand that makes mini sized art and takes pride in making top-quality artisanal jewlery: From creating bespoke personal designs to highly original and refreshing pieces.

Vicente Gracia is specialized in designing exclusive jewelry, connecting with the feminine soul and with women who wear his rings, earrings and bracelets. He has created jewels for Michael Jackson, Daniel Craig, Andie McDowell, Queen Sofía and Queen Letizia of Spain, Daryl Hannah, Larry Page, Ted Turner and the Aga Khan.

Ramon is the simplicity of the jewelry that emanes beauty and serenity. Ramon Barcelona is present in the main capitals of the world thanks to its essence, impregnated with passion, technical ability, sensitivity, design and craftsmanship.

Bagues Masriera is the third generation of Masriera that back in 1888 started with the increasingly popular Art Nouveau design.

Oscar Rodriguez collection is very small, but it’s a delicate and interesting collection of rings.

And last but not least, Carrera y Carrera is the most famous of the companies that you see here today. It’s amongst the 30 most important and most known jewelry companies in the world. This brand sells worldwide and has made it big in the main high-streets. Something that most jewelry companies from Europe dream of. Carrera y Carrera, an icon of gold craftsmanship and jewelry artisanship, creates each piece in its workshops as if it were a small work of art.