When we think of the world’s great perfume houses for many years the image of Grasse or Paris was bound to be foremost in our minds. And with good reason, considering the staggering heritage and number of names forever linked with France. But it cannot be ignored that other countries have the right to be proud of their own fragrant heritage, with Spain having a greater claim than most. And it’s not a matter of merely glimpsing into the past and revisiting scents of Spain that deserve wider recognition, either – they boast a number of brilliant perfumers currently exciting the passions of perfumistas around the world

Puig is a third-generation family-owned fashion and fragrance business based in Barcelona. The strength of Puig lies in its ability to build brands, to shape the image of brands through fashion, and to translate that same image into the world of fragrance through storytelling and product excellence. Puig success stories include a combination of owned brands such as Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Penhaligon’s and L’Artisan Parfumeur, licenses such as Prada, Valentino and Comme des Garçons, and celebrity fragrances (Antonio Banderas, Shakira…).

Spanish fragrances

With a history dating back to 1889, Alvarez Gomez is a much beloved perfumery founded by three cousins, and still made to this very day using the original recipes at their store in Madrid. Having attained iconic status in Spain, and widely regarded as a pinnacle of the cologne fragrance family, their fragance is a bottle of pure sunshine that’s been keeping the Spanish cool all these years and still shows no signs of waning in popularity.

Loewe moved into the world of perfumes as a logical continuation of its essence. In an almost inevitable expansion of its creative universe, in 1972 it poured its limitless creativity, expertise and high expectations into selecting raw materials to breathe life into a balanced range of luxury fragrances.Born in Barcelona,

Ramón Monegal belongs to the most important family of perfumers in Spain. A fourth-generation of the founders of Myrurgia (official suppliers to the Spanish Royal House) Ramón was their most important and international representative. Having created fragrances with huge success for others, he is now following his dream of making fragrances without compromise, proudly bearing his own name.

Myrurgia is a perfumery company, founded in Barcelona in 1916, based on a family business by Esteve Monegal and Prat. He achieved a very important presence not only in Spain, but also in the international market, with products – fragances, soaps, cosmetics – that played with orientalism (Maderas de Oriente), Hispanic exoticism (Maja) or even clear hedonistic evocations (Orgía). Myrurgia was acquired by Puig Group in 2000.

Another important (but less known) Spanish companies are:

Carbonnel is a company specialized in perfume & aromas creation. Founded in 1925 as Destilerías Mauricio Carbonnel S.A., this company dedicated itself exclusively to the production of essential oils for half century as pioneers in the distillation of aromatic plants. In 1975, they added to distillation activity the creation of fragrances & flavours. specialized in Middle East perfumes, mass market, masstige, raw materials, cosmetic fragrances and alcoholic perfumery.

Class Fragrance is a family-owned company with very experienced perfumers in its team. They specialize in the creation, development and production of unique fragrances, from European to exotic perfumes with premium quality.

De Ruy manufactures and distributes a wide variety of cosmetic products and is a leader in the manufacture of fine perfumes, applying the most stringent quality standards in the sector and complying with all the applicable regulations. Its brands and the projects they develop for third parties make it possible to be present in more than 150 countries.

Fragrance Science is a Spanish manufacturer of fragrance and perfume concentrate for fine perfumery, personal care, industrial and detergent perfumery. Founded by Antoni Cabal in 2001, our company is active in more than 60 countries, with head office and production facilities located in Barcelona. They always maintain a perfect balance between the creative development of fragrances and the most advance instrumental techniques.

Founded in 1985, Iberchem is a leading fragrance manufacturer specialized in the creation of fragrances for fine fragrances, personal care, home care, fabric care and air care products. We are now present in over 120 countries, counting on 11 manufacturing facilities and employing over 650 employees around the world.

Perfums Bachs sell their brands worldwide and launch special collections for specific target countries, according to their needs, own trends or legal formulations. Their Arabian perfumery collection, presented in Dubai’s Beauty World annually, is made of the best essences including oud, roses and amber.
Established in 1932 and based in Barcelona, Ravetllat Aromatics is a family-owned business devoted to design and manufacture fragrances for all kind of products and spaces. Ravetllat Aromatics is focused on provide best quality products, create tailor-made fragrances, advise about new market trends and assist in technical related issues.
Essential oils and fragrance manufacturers from 20 years, Essenssa is based in Barcelona. Nature, knowledge and design developing a new generation on the concept of niche fragrance and perfumes. They are focused on highest quality natural essential oils perfumery.

The Parfum Atelier was born from passion and the experience in the fragrance and cosmetics industry. They firmly stand by tradition, but without putting aside the avant-garde. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t make much sense to create new and original products without having any concerns for the history and tradition of perfumery.