Wallapop marketplace

Before the Internet, but above all, before mobile apps, it was usual for Spanish consumers to take used stuff or clothes to a second-hand store. Then, with the arrival of websites such as Segunda Mano or the current Vibbo or Mil Anuncios, we started to sell them directly to interested buyers on Internet.

And then, in 2013 came Wallapop, an application for mobile phones of Spanish origin, which simplified this second-hand sale between individuals much more, in addition, it added an extra feature; the geographical proximity between buyers and sellers. Since then Wallapop has become a virtual marketplace, where whoever buys and who sells can establish direct contact in a very simple way. Wallapop basically works as a meeting point between buyers and sellers, where they can communicate with each other directly and easily (not unlike a WhatsApp conversation), until closing the deal and buying / selling the product. That is, in the entire negotiation process, only seller and buyer interested in the item participate. Once they agree on the price, they agree on a meeting point to make the delivery or they can agree on a postal shipment.

Wallapop second hand marketplace Spain.

Novelty that Wallapop provided (and which its competitors lacked) is in the use of app geolocation to show products of those sellers closest to the buyers, which saves any cost of shipment if they are both close one to eachother. Wallapop is an application that makes it much easier for people to sell what they no longer need and find items they need at a lower price but in good condition. Its seller rating system helps avoid bad experiences when buying and also has a refund / returns service that provides extra security to the process.

It works throughout Spain from your mobile or from your computer. There are ads for cars, houses, comics, dolls, second hand mobiles and services. By using wallapop you will also make the world more sustainable by reusing thousands of items. According to the latest information about Wallapop, the application already has more than 10 million active users per month and it continues to grow year after year.