Our services


We are a one-stop online shopping platform for anything from Spain. No matter where you are from, we can help you buy from any Spanish online / offline retailers and deliver the items you want to your country. BuyFromSpain.com is the first choice when shopping in Spain from anywhere in the world.

We can help you to shop thousands of products from the best stores in Spain. We assign you your own local address in Spain – you shop and send your purchases to this address – or we can buy on your behalf and forward it to your international address. We receive your purchases and handle getting your goods to you where ever you are in the world.

  • Online shopping: We support customers to make purchases from any Spanish online sites. We will take charge of the whole process from purchase of items, consolidation, to shipment of your packages.
  • Offline shopping: Heading down to the physical stores to buy the items. This can range from anything from fashion to souvenirs, collectibles, tickets, shoes, etc.
  • We accept crypto-currencies: We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and a variety of other cryptocurrency payments for all artworks and purchases from Spain.
  • Tickets purchases: The handling fees for tickets will be different subjecting to the complexity in getting the tickets. We will proceed to purchase & send the tickets out immediately, upon confirmation of conditions and payment.
  • Package forwarding: We can also consolidate and pack into one (depending on request), weigh and calculate the total shipping cost of your package.


  • Honest & clear: We provide our customers all communications with Spanish sellers, as quotations and receipts.
  • As if you were in Spain: We provide customized support without any regional and language restrictions (Euskera, Catalá, Galego…).
  • Traceability: We thoroughly inquire the local sellers until our customers have all the information to order. Right now, we are pushing Spanish suppliers to use Blockchain protocol as a traceability and quality seal from Spain.
  • Kind customer care: Customer privacy and data protection are the forefront at Buy from Spain services.

We research on Hyperledger Grid as a platform for building supply chain trust solutions for Spanish products that include distributed ledger components. We welcome contributors, both Spanish or foreigners, to help shape Blockchain from Spain project direction.