Panama Jack

The search for new adventures, something different, something fascinating… Panama Jack was born in 1989 following a natural lifestyle that marks its difference and where lies its appeal. The principles of ethics, transparency and seriousness govern rule all of Panama Jack’s actions; and lasting friendship is the nexus that unites the organization with its customers. Also distribution is centered on a careful selection of points of sale.

Panama Jack Spanish boots

Basic Boot summarizes the whole concept of the Panama Jack product: it has an urban and natural character, simple lines, top quality materials and its elements provide comfort to the foot. The Panama Jack public is not profiled according to their age, purchasing power or social status, but according to their attitude and way of thinking. The pleasure of walking, a natural style and the search for daily adventure as a way of life are the points of contact between the brand and its target public.

Panama Jack has been collaborating for 15 years with the Quetzal Route, a project recognized by UNESCO and directed by Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo, and also participates in the Atapuerca archaeological project, equipping every summer the groups of archaeologists who go to the sites in search of clues about the origin of life.