Purificación García

The story of Purificación García could well be the story of recent Spanish fashion. She was born in Galicia into a humble family. Soon after, her parents moved to Uruguay in search of opportunities that did not exist in Franco’s Spain. She spent her childhood and adolescence there, facing the sea. She met a boy, they fell in love, got married and moved to Canada, where Purificación did a master’s degree in Textile Engineering, with a fur business under her arm. Life, or their own wills, led them to New York, then to the Balearic Islands and finally to Barcelona.

Almost completely self-taught, while on the islands he began to dabble in garment design, not without some success. She personalised handbags and other handmade accessories. She arrived in Barcelona and decided to try her luck with her own brand. In a country that was waking up from military green and uniformity, design and industrial initiatives were welcomed with open arms. He presented his collections at Cibeles, Tokyo and Milan and even opened his own shop in Antwerp, whose famous Academy he became a member.

And then came the big break, he stepped off the catwalks to climb to the top of the industry. The Domínguez brothers had just split up. Adolfo had kept the name and part of the company and had given each of his brothers their share of the cake. Together, the three of them created STL, a new company that needed a name to serve as a business hook. They proposed it to Purificación García and she accepted.

A champion of good basics, among her great successes are white shirts, neutral trousers and the Origami bag, based on the famous Japanese technique, which the Galician designer described as “versatile, very practical and of very good quality”. The Origami is a technique that transforms paper into figures of different sizes which can range from simple models to very complex folding from a square initial base. The Origami has been featured in the brands collections for years and truly represents the brands DNA.