Calonge walnuts

Cortijo Calonge is a family owned company enthusiastic about the cultivation of walnut and pecan, supported by the experience and equipment necessary to bring to your table a basic element in food such as walnuts, a Spanish nut with powerful nutritional properties that will delight your family.

Located in the municipality of Palma del Río (Córdoba) and Palma del Río – Lora del Río confederation road, Cortijo Calonge belongs to the Vega del Guadalquivir region. It is an area well known for its fertile soils and perfect climate for the cultivation of walnut and pecan trees, we could say that it is the California state of Europe.

Cortijo Calonge has 315 hectares planted with walnut and pecan for fruit and are governed by the Global G.A.P. standard. Plantation is respectful with the environment and complies with the criteria accepted throughout Europe in terms of food safety, sustainable production methods, welfare of workers and responsible use of water, seeking the proper growth of walnut and pecan trees in a natural and sustainable way and getting a completely natural nut with a unique flavor.

Their activity is developed from the cultivation of Cortijo Calonge walnut and pecan trees, to the marketing and sale of the nuts to end consumers. They are very proud of their walnuts and pecans operation, and are committed to providing the best of services. The care of the walnut and pecan trees is fundamental to obtain an exquisite fruit that reaches international consumers in excellent condition.

To do this Calonge has taken into account essential aspects such as the exceptional agronomic conditions of the farm, a privileged area in Andalusia, such as the Guadalquivir valley, next to the banks of the river that bears its name, which means that the development of the tree and the fruit throughout the growing season is unbeatable, resulting in high quality nuts.