Micolet wardrobe

The value of Micolet lies in its convenience. Those who decide to lighten their wardrobe through this website only have to worry about putting everything they want to sell in a box and fill in and print out a collection form. Micolet collects the box at Spanish homes for 4.99 euros and then checks the condition of the garments (15% is discarded, which is returned to the seller or donated to NGOs). They value them with their own software that takes into account variables such as colour, size or the time of year (shorts in winter do not cost the same as shorts in summer). The seller receives an email with the price and, if they agree, the garment is photographed and put up for sale on the website. When it is sold, Micolet keeps a fixed fee of 1.5 euros and 25% of the price. If the garment spends a long time in the warehouse, the price is reduced, but the seller is always notified.

Micolet second hand wear spain.

The company already has more than one million satisfied users and saves around 60,000 garments a month that would otherwise be thrown away. In addition to Spain, where 80% of sales come from, the company sells (not buys) in Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and England. And over the course of this year, two more countries will be added, because they have set themselves the objective of entering Holland and Belgium.

This year has undoubtedly made Spanish consumers look much more closely at savings in the face of the lack of security in the future. Savings have been found in second hand online shopping, which is booming as it is also the safest way to shop in sites Micolet, Wallapop or Vinted. Not only that, but confinement has made many people stop and take a look at their wardrobes, and become aware of everything they accumulate there.