It’s Lava

Versatility, elegance and responsibility, this is It´’s lava. A brand of accessories for day to day, customizable and for all women. It’s Lava creations are made to make you feel good every time you leave the house, no matter what you wear. A responsible fashion brand that wants to make your life easier, make you feel confident and manage to create the perfect accessory for any occasion, playing with design and making it so customizable that you will not see another like it.

The brand held its first pop-up, at the ABC Serrano shopping center in Madrid during its first Summer Market, where it presented its new summer collection. The summer collection is shown as a clear commitment to versatility: from reversible and multi-position bags to changes of handles to create an all-terrain bag.

Its Lava Spain

The idea arises from the manufacture of garments under a responsible fashion consumption, which encourages conscious consumption where customers acquire unique pieces that can be used for any occasion.

But this does not end here. The collection continues with sarongs and scarves with which you will not go unnoticed. Inspired by summer trends and wonderful sunsets, It´’s lava offers us versatile scarves that fit all your needs. How to use them? Just like the bags, these accessories become a piece you can play with: from donning it like a top to turning it into a bag handle or a headband.