Siesta by Monegal

In a sector in which most of labels belong to large corporations, Ramón Monegal (Barcelona, 1951) represents the independent genius who conceives his work as an art. “I like to work at night. It’s the moment when I’m intellectually better”. He is a member of one of the most important perfumers sagas in our country: his great-grandfather founded Myrurgia. In that legendary house, which was the Royal House supplier, he began his career. And his first fragrance, Alada, was a real revolution.

“I introduced green notes, which were not worn then. It was a success and everyone started believing in me.” That audacity is the hallmark of his eponymous firm. “I am very supportive of the Made in Spain seal. We have a brutal culture that we have not been able to exploit adequately.” After developing the Flamenco, Bravo or Fiesta juices, his new proposal is where Dolce far niente reaches its maximum expression: the iconic Siesta. A Mediterranean luxury synonymous with freedom. Dream, think, relax or seek pleasure. There is no schedule, no protocol, the only rule that should never be broken is: do not disturb.

For him, the future lies in the personalization of aromas. “We should dare to mix perfumes, which is not done because the industry says it’s not right.” Their custom orders can cost up to 60,000 euros. “I sell them at the price of an art piece” he says… Are they something else?