From their humble beginnings as a leather making collective to becoming a leading global brand, Loewe‘s journey has always been defined by an obsessive focus on craftsmanship and an unmatched expertise with leather. Based out of their main workshop in Madrid, which remains in operation to this day, master artisans combine their accumulated craft knowledge with new technologies and innovative ways of thinking to produce truly modern objects of desire.

Loewe bag Spain

The most recent chapter in Loewe‘s story has been marked by the appointment of Jonathan Anderson as creative director in 2013. Since taking the helm, he has spearheaded a major rejuvenation of the house. With its distinctive geometric lines and cuboid shape, the debut Puzzle bag for Loewe by Jonathan Anderson is instantly recognisable and precision crafted in 75 flawless leather pieces.

Through a fresh redesign of the brand identity, a modern articulation of their commitment to craftsmanship with the launch of platforms like the Loewe Foundarion Craft Prize, and a series of critically acclaimed and genre-defining Women’s and Men’s collections, the house has been further elevated as an influential and global cultural force.