Ande dem shoes

Ande dem means “walking together” in the Wolof language of Senegal. This work comes after five years of existence of the Sindicato Mantero and Top Manta store in the city of Barcelona, organizations that have formed a cooperative. Years ago, Lamine Sarr risked his life to travel from Senegal to Spain where he found himself on the streets selling counterfeit goods. He is now trying to help people in a similar situation.

Top Manta is an appropriation of the name given to street vendors in Spain, a job performed by many people who, because they do not have working papers, go out to sell products ilegally on the street, thus suffering constant police harassment. Ande dem sports shoes are manufactured in small companies made up mainly of racialized people, located in the cities of Valencia (Spain) and Porto (Portugal) with environmental care guidelines, as being vegan sneakers.

Ande dem shoes Spain.

Ande dem advertising is based on the individualizing slogan of Nike sneakers, which is discussed by the cooperative Top Manta. To the sneaker giant’s Just do it, this cooperative proposes that “It’s not about just doing it, it’s about doing it right”. In the campaign’s promotional video they explain: “We didn’t come just in search of a dignified life for ourselves and our loved ones. We came to change the rules of the game. To make them fairer for everyone. Because it’s not just about doing it, but about doing it right”.