FOS Eyewear

At FOS Barcelona they want to mimic nature where everything is in constant movement, transformation and balance. This way, infinite closed cycles are generated, eliminating the concept of waste. FOS Barcelona is a brand that explores the current production and consumption systems, waste management systems and cultural habits around these through products that offer an extended vision about the meaning of quality.

Quality as the property by which a product performs well for a long period of time, while keeping in balance the ecosystem it interacts with. Quality should go beyond the mere tangible properties of a product. It should include its wide impacts in society, economy and the environment. If as users we aren’t educated to understand this, then quality becomes perception of quality, which is generally not linked to actual quality.

FOS Barcelona is a prototype towards changing the paradigm of the current industrial economy, where cities function linearly importing products and producing waste, for an ecosystem where materials flow within the city and the information spreads globally.

This is why they offer a package called “Powered by FOS”. A set of trainings, designs, and tools to allow organizations to start producing sunglasses locally the way they do in Barcelona.