Niutt waistcoats

A few days ago we claimed that Spanish spring and summer trends map was landing on the southern coast of Mallorca – specifically, in Santanyí – and we did so on the basis of real evidence. Here you could see ideal and influential girls resting on the island and constructing, in their free time, ideal styles that the rest of us mortals who are not yet on holiday will replicate as soon as we can. From her styling exercises, we fell in love with Niutt bohemian waistcoats that transform any outfit.

The influencer who best championed this trend is Claudia Parras, the responsible for the design of this type of waistcoat. Her project, Niutt Brand, has one of the most popular waistcoats on the internet: a Liberty-style floral print in shades of pink, red, green and yellow and a strawberry-coloured collar. She has christened it as the Valentina waistcoat and it promises to compete with the beach dresses this summer.