Codis bath furniture

It is one of the trends coming on strong in 2021. Bathrooms are becoming more and more important at home thanks to these new trends that update them, turning baths into rooms that are as comfortable and beautiful as any other place in the house. Here a hint: natural finishes are in. Within modern bathroom furniture, we can also talk about minimalist style furniture. Style is dominated by white colours, straight lines and austerity in terms of carvings or decoration in the structure of the furniture. In addition, they bring us luminosity and neatness.

Spanish bathrooms

There are many possibilities of materials in which Codis bathroom furniture is made: wood, laminates, marble, lacquers… Perhaps everything is familiar to you and, surely, you are wondering what is so new about the subject of materials. Well, there are many novelties. They do not only affect the evolution of those we already know. Better and more durable, more personalised colours, unique finishes… And something that has not received much attention until now: materials combination.

In a bathroom, combining materials can be difficult. It is one of those bets that must be valued with care because in the right choice lies not only success, but also becoming a reference or a trend. It was not so long ago that choosing a bathroom meant deciding between two types of doors and colours. Today, mixture of materials and finishes is key to designing stylish bathrooms as the ones Codis bathroom mades in Spain.