Royo eco sneakers

Royo was born from the creative spirit of Nuria Robleño and Sofía Machin, two young entrepreneurs who love the world of fashion. The main purpose of Royo is to stand out with a sustainable product made in Spain, thus demonstrating that sustainable fashion can be made with the same care for design and the same quality as the best non-sustainable products.

For example, back and tongue of some of Royo shoes are made of vegetable leather made from pineapple fibers. A much more sustainable and environmentally friendly material than traditional leather. It is produced from the fibres of pineapple leaves, which are a by-product of the harvest. Shoes side parts are made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled clothes. All materials are originated with the aim of integrating and promoting social, ecological and cultural development.

Royo eco sneakers made in Spain

Royo inspires a lifestyle for its customers by offering collections that include products such as footwear and accessories, combining a sophisticated streetwear style with a creative and vintage touch. Designed for all those dreamers, full of magic and the desire to take on the world. A philosophy that supports creativity and ambition. A community of big and small dreamers with goals and enthusiasm where we can support each other and share our experiences. Their mission is to inspire people to fulfil their dreams by opening the doors of this new project.