Avelina Hats

Avelina hats are hand crafted with all kinds of materials. That is nothing new for Avelina Rojas since taking advantage of all kinds of materials is something that did not start with hats. She begun in Madrid in a place that we would now call ‘concept store’, which at the time local people did not even know what it was. They were young designers, recycling materials, recovering furniture… doing everything you can do with your hands in a space where there are art exhibitions, you can have a coffee or shop.

Life took her to London and in ten years she spent in UK there was a time when she realized that you can’t miss what you love. Avelina made her first hat for her sister’s wedding and all kind of accessories too, but her bet was to dress heads. It’s something she really loves.

Avelina Rojas Spanish hats designer. Hats made in Spain.

She works on request and also makes her own collections, unique millinery pieces born out of artistic passion and the creative impulse of Avelina Rojas. Over time, she has introduced hats and headpieces that can be worn on special occasions or even every day, pieces that combine a classic cut with a touch of the modern and exotic. Avelina Hats are always hand-made and each single piece is individually crafted by her.

Avelina Rojas makes hats that have become symbols of the contemporary woman, underlining her strength, personality and lifestyle.