Listening to your skin

Sesderma is a brand dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of dermocosmetics. And they do so through their highly specialized R+D+i and Nanotechnology. Dr. Gabriel Serrano is the President, and his two elder sons Gabriel and Juan Manuel are Vice-President and CEO, respectively. Their raison d’être is the health and well-being of people, achieved by actively listening to the skin of their patients. Their motto Listening to your skin defines this: Inspiration, motivation and teamwork driven by more than 600 people working at Sesderma all over the world.

Sesderma laboratories are inspired by the same values professed by Dr. Gabriel Serrano’s know how: generosity and humanity. Entire company culture is permeated by those principles, its approachability, empathy and ability to listen are what makes Sesderma stand out from the competition. Furthermore, during the company’s development, they have always been connected to nature. This connection goes beyond the compounds of its products, based on active ingredients present in our environment and embodied by their butterfly logo.

Dr. Gabriel Serrano is a butterfly lover, a symbol with different meanings for Sesderma. Butterflies make transatlantic journeys like the one that took its founder from Colombia to the city of Valencia, and led to the creation of the company. Interestingly, this Latin-American country happens to have the largest number of species in the world.

The butterfly also symbolises change, beauty, sensitivity and magic, and these qualities are present in the Sesderma products. It is a company which, like butterflies do when abandoning their cocoon, was built with the effort and drive to overcome all obstacles.