Caviar de Riofrío

Sublime is the adjective that defines the environment in Riofrío where the first certified organic caviar is produced in the world. That was the reason that led a Spanish doctor – Dr. Domezain – to expand his trout farming business in 1963. He chose Riofrío, a small village in Loja (Granada) which grew considerably thanks to his initiative, and built the primitive fish farm around the infrastructure of the San José hydroelectric plant, just 300 metres from the spring.

Caviar from Spain

Water temperature is stable between 14-15ºC, and nature itself is in charge of keeping it in optimal conditions. In addition, there is no agricultural, livestock or human activity in the sierra, and water is therefore free of pesticides and fertilizers. 30 years later, the Acipenser naccarií sturgeon was recovered in captivity, a species that is almost extinct and is native to the Guadalquivir River and other rivers in southern Europe. Riofrío is located in the same river basin and its water conditions of purity and temperature allowed, from the first day, to reproduce the natural habitat of the fish. The sturgeon is of prehistoric origin and its growth is slow. In fact, the caviar is extracted from the females, on average, after 18 years of breeding. Hence, its nuances in terms of taste and color, and that it is subtle and highly appreciated by gourmets around the world, including renowned chefs.

Current reality around this exquisite product is wrapped in misinformation. Today, Caviar of Riofrío‘s commitment to traceability is more important than ever. 70% of the product consumed in the world today originates from fish farms in China. It is not Russian, nor Iranian and of course, it is not wild. In 1990s, a decree by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) declared sturgeon as an endangered species and therefore banned its fishing. Producers could no longer catch the huge specimens from the Caspian Sea. The time had come to look for fish farms with optimal conditions and Caviar of Riofrío played right its advantage for it.

Its elaboration is based on the purest Russian tradition, applied by the experts of Caviar of Riofrío with the right point of salt (Malossol Style) to preserve the purity and quality of the freshest caviar. It’s available in the classic metal can format and in two categories: Classic and Excellsius.