Palacio de los Olivos

The Picual olive trees of Palacio de los Olivos are long-lived and well-built; small in size, dense and with an irregular and extended wide crown. With a perimeter around 1.5-3 m; a thick trunk with a twisted appearance, quite wide at the base and compressed. Branches are thick, twisted, knotty and curved. Olive leaves of the olive tree are perennial and are present in all the surface. They live about 2-3 years and fall in spring, to give way to new leaves.

Oliva Palacios Spain Palacio de los Olivos Best Oil from Spain

Their olives are of medium size and weight, with a medium-high pulp/stone ratio. They have a short stalk. Their skin (epicarp) changes colour according to the development of the fruit, it goes from green at the beginning of the season to black at the end. This change in colour is due to the fact that ripening process causes the olive to begin to dry and oxidise by fermentation. On the extracted oil, its colour is intense green and texture is cloudy. It overflows with an infinite number of herbaceous and fruity aromas, magnificent, powerful, with even spicy notes which impregnate the oil mill and fill it with freshness.

Frequently Oliva Palacios receives some distinction. Not in vain, Spain is the largest AOVE (Aceite de Oliva Extra – Extra Olive Oil) producer in the world, but also produces the best quality extra olive oil in the World. Proof of this is that in all competitions this brand obtains first prizes and special mentions. But if an olive mill such as Palacio de los Olivos receives more than 20 awards in the same year and this places it as a top of olive oils brands according to the EVOO World Ranking, it is no surprising.