Pons Quintana: Open to the world

Pons Quintana has grown thanks to offer a lady’s high quality, creative and different footwear. More than 60% of the skins are manufactured exclusively for the firm. The rest are acquired both in Spain and abroad, always seeking the best quality for each of the lines. In manufacturing, a type of lightweight and flexible soles are used with maximum comfort in mind. Pons Quintana is defined, today, as a firm open to the world. Keeping the factory in its origins, it is present in the 5 continents and continues to design, manufacture and market its shoe from Menorca. The second generation of the family business is the one that currently leads the firm along with the more than 100 employees who, for the most part, have grown with the brand since its inception.

Pons Quintana Spain

This Spanish footwear brand was born in the hands of the Menorcan shoemaker, Santiago Pons Quintana, in 1953 in Alaior, Menorca. In its beginnings, it focused on the manufacture of children’s footwear. In 1956 the production of slippers for women was incorporated and later it was also offered for men. The braided shoe of Pons Quintana, its flagship product, was born at the end of the 60s, applied to the fashion shoe, marking its own and unmistakable style. The traditional braiding, highly evolved technically, keeps alive its craft culture, uniting present and past through design. This genuine, comfortable and unique manufacturing is one of the most unique and attractive Spanish brand distinctive.

If there are womens shoes made in Spain that are a perfect fit with international fashion, it’s Pons Quintana’s shoes.