Olé by Ramón Monegal

Olé by Ramón Monegal is aimed at both men and women of the Floral Frutal olfactory family. Bold, strong and determined are some characteristics of the fragrance that dominated by a feeling of satisfaction, which declares security, criterion and uniqueness.

Fusion between folklore and Spanish art. The great journey of affirmation that arises from the capacity for wonder and admiration that art provokes. Instant of euphoria, moment of maximum fulfillment… A powerful emotional state. Olé to the imagination! Olé to the joy and Olé to life!

Fragrance Notes:

TOP Date Medjool, tropical pineapple & wild red raspberry.

HEART Jasmine Grandiflora. Black Orchid. Virginian Cedarwood

BASE Canadian spruce balm. White Musk Cocktail. Bourbon Vanilla

Olé by Ramón Monegal is aimed at both Spanish men and women.

It is a fusion between folklore and Spanish art, a perfume that is born from adoration and the astonishment that art provokes. It is available in two sizes, 50ml or 100ml on Ramón Monegal‘s website.