Stradivarius pink short

If you don’t wear a miniskirt in summer let alone shorts, unless you’re on the beach and your legs are already tanned. We are sorry to tell you that you’ll still eat those words and thoughts this season. This pink short by Stradivarius has a design that you won’t be able to resist, because not only does it have the color that makes us crazy even though we’re not too feminine wearing it. It’s made in such a way that it’s the key to any look you wear, especially if you’re short and want to gain centimeters without wearing heels.

Stradivarius Spain pink short

That’s only possible if it’s well cut and designed and as in this case, the fundamental thing about these pink Stradivarius linen shorts are high waisted and rise so much that the leg, without doing anything or trying to look for wedges, heels or platforms, lengthen and stylize. But if that wasn’t enough, it also has that wide belt with hawksbill buckle, which we’ve been seeing all winter in dress trousers, and now they go to the shorts to make the same stylized effect on that garment as on the rest of the garments. In short, it reduces the waist by a few centimetres, disguises the curvature of the belly area and all this without losing any style. And that’s why it’s obviously a hit at Instagram, and the fashionistas we follow are sharing them in their best looks in which they are the protagonists.

Of course, the option we like best and they also like it with a contrasting white garment, either in the shape of a men’s shirt, top with straps and with the matching vest that is also sold at Stradivarius.