Barrats 1890 shoes from Mallorca

The island of Mallorca, in the Mediterranean, its people, its mountains, its wonderful hidden places, its villages, its sea… All these attributes are the origins of Barrats 1890 and where creativity and inspiration comes from its collections, designs and quality. Craft made in Spain and cutting-edge technology emerge to create Barrats 1890 shoes.

In 1999, Barrats 1890 opened its modern facilities in Inca, located in the heart of Mallorca. Currently, main facilities consist of more than 3000 square meters and it is where the production of men’s and women’s footwear is made.

Barrats 1890 Spain

This brand is based on a sophisticated and elegant concept that evolves every season according to global trends. His designs reflect a particular style resulting from being manufactured with a selection of first-class materials with the attribute “100% Made in Spain”.

Barrats 1890 is aimed at a select customer, with a product that maintains its traditional values, elegance, quality and comfort with elegant, modern and exclusive proposals.