Magalie 121 Bags

The firm Magalie was born out of a desire to share and celebrate duality, a very personal and intimate life philosophy. They share duality with women with personality, who are daring and authentic, who appreciate Spanish craftsmanship without sacrificing sophistication, who admire beauty without sacrificing functionality, who treasure luxury but are unpretentious. Magalie handbags long for something that expresses their personality and their way of life. These are women who will appreciate a unique, timeless, gorgeous and truly exclusive fashion accessory, very much like they are themselves.

Magalie 121 bags Made in Spain

This is why the Duality collection includes limited and numbered production designs of 121 handbags. Every client who acquires one of the limited and numbered Duality handbags knows that she holds one of the only 121 units that exist in the entire world. Not a single one more.

Every Magalie bag is exclusively made in what many consider the birthplace of leather craftsmanship in Spain, the internationally renowned city of Ubrique, Cadiz. Each piece is made using traditional time-honoured methods and handcrafted individually, with the utmost attention to detail. All materials and elements that compose each piece are of the highest quality, with a special mention to their leather.