Haro Wine Capital

Although it was the Romans who introduced the Cultivation of the Vine, It was from the XIX century when the important Industry began that would allow it, years later, to be one of the only two Qualified Denominations of Origin in Spain. This circumstance is due to a set of factors such as the Climate, the Soil, the Variety of the Native Grape, etc., which result in very Fruity and Balanced wines.

Haro, a city since 1891, has a long history of winemaking. The town’s wineries were originally built into the slopes of Cerro del Castillo and Santa Lucía, and later under the buildings of the streets. A wine-making complex of great interest was also established on Las Cuevas street and the arrival of the train station in Haro marked a turning point in the town’s winemaking development, leading to the establishment of wineries around the roads and the emergence of a new era of winemaking in Rioja.

The city’s wine culture makes it an ideal destination for anyone interested in learning about wine, from beginners to the most demanding connoisseurs. The current number of twenty wineries in Haro has earned it the nickname “Wine Capital of Rioja.” Here some of the best knowns:

  • Bodegas Muga: A family-owned winery established in 1932, known for its traditional winemaking methods and high-quality wines. www.bodegasmuga.com
  • Bodegas Lopez de Heredia: A historic winery founded in 1877, known for its age-worthy wines and traditional Rioja style. www.lopezdeheredia.com
  • Bodegas La Rioja Alta: A well-established winery founded in 1890, known for its classic Rioja wines and traditional winemaking techniques. www.riojalta.com
  • Bodegas Gomez Cruzado: A small, family-owned winery established in 1886, known for its high-quality, terroir-driven wines. www.gomezcruzado.com
  • Bodegas Roda: A modern winery founded in 1987, known for its innovative winemaking techniques and high-end wines. www.bodegasroda.com
  • Bodegas R. Lopez de Heredia Viña Tondonia: A historic winery founded in 1877, known for its traditional Rioja style and age-worthy wines. www.lopezdeheredia.com
  • Bodegas CVNE: A historic winery founded in 1879, known for its classic Rioja wines and traditional winemaking techniques. www.cvne.com

It is recommended to check the websites for the most up-to-date information on visiting and touring the wineries.