Alzola Basque Water

Aguas de Alzola reputation dates back to the Gran Hotel Balneario de Alzola era, where its well-deserved fame was confirmed every day by the experience gained in this magical spa. It is a highly diuretic water, not only because of the quantity taken, but also because of the stimulus that its components produce between the kidneys and bladder, this stimulus being the true protagonist of the diuretic property of Alzola’s natural mineral water.

It is a thermal water that emerges at a constant 29ºC temperature, without any change over more than 200 years of spring history. This thermality is due to the depth reached in the subsoil, around 700 metres deep into Basque Country lands.

Alzola Mineral Water

Alzola Water has a unique mineral balance and its composition has never changed. It has its own characteristic flavour, smooth and soft touch. Alzola spring produces an excellent mineral water as recognised by international experts and this is proved by its hydrochemical diagram, one of the most balanced in the world. Benefits of Alzola’s bicarbonated waters have been known since 1801, when the first medical bathhouse in Europe was opened here. Its organoleptic and physicochemical properties make it unique. Due to the scientifically proven nature of its waters, Alzola spa was the first in Spain and Europe to open its doors with a doctor. Guidelines were established for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders and nephritic manifestations.

This vintage leaflet, which served as a label on the glass bottles of the time, is a unique document in the geographical environment of the spring. It is a legacy from centuries for basque people to cultivate & love water culture.