Tiles of Spain

The wide variety of Spanish ceramic wall and floor tiles means that we can find pieces in an infinite number of formats that allow us to achieve interiors impregnated with originality and sophistication. When carrying out a home renovation, knowing how to play with the different tiles helps us to achieve the look we want in our home. From classic shapes such as squares and rectangles, through hexagonal or triangular formats to avant-garde designs with volume and relief. Each ceramic tile becomes a piece that perfectly combines design, functionality and creativity.

Classics never fail

Rectangular or square pieces are a classic that we should always bear in mind as, thanks to their modularity, they fit perfectly in all types of rooms and homes. We can play with vertical, horizontal or diagonal placement or mix and match tiles of different designs and colours to give each room an original and creative look.

If we join small pieces with or without volume, in different tones that combine with each other and with gloss or matt finishes, we will achieve wonderful optical effects. These mosaic pieces are widely used to cover curved surfaces, if we want to highlight a specific area or to define and differentiate environments, bringing a distinguished touch of originality to our spaces.

At the fairs we detect increasingly varied and sustainable products located in sophisticated environments and dedicated to wellbeing, a cast of material, organic, cultural and even futuristic designs full of reflections.

The green feeling is enhanced by ceramic surfaces inspired by Nature, conveying its material component. The obsession with wellbeing proposes products that are designed with high-tech solutions paying attention to sensorial elements. A simplified and clean version of retro with more neutral colours enhances the revised Nostalgia. And finally, in the field of sophistication, polished materials or high-gloss surfaces are proposed, where reflections play an essential role in taking interior design to another dimension.