Coats, jackets, foulards and txapelas (berets) are iconic garments in mınımıl’s collections. This Basque brand outwear is best remedy against low temperatures and rain, because nobody knows how to wear winter like mınımıl. Finest quality wools, cottons, cashmeres, silks, taffetas and gauzes cut and sewn with precision are the basis for the creation of modern, functional and comfortable garments that enhance women in a natural way.

Contxu Uzkudun learnt her trade as a dressmaker in Pilar Usarraga workshop, who during the fifties and sixties trained young Basque women in the techniques and work systems that she learnt in the Isa house with Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Since then, the designer has been vindicating the figure of Balenciaga and his influence on fashion in Basque Country. In 1991 she organised and directed a congress-homage, with guests such as Hubert de Givenchy and Adolfo Domínguez, at the Miramar Palace in San Sebastián. After this event, the Cristóbal Balenciaga Foundation began to be formalised.

The mınımıl design studio is actively collaborating with Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao creating a special collection from the New Basque Style line – only available in the museum shop – which aims to bring Basque fashion and design to national and international visitors. London, Paris or Bombay are some of the cities they visit to find inspiration. The streets, shops, bars and galleries where they go to soak up trends are a secret they jealously guard. What they discover abroad, they adapt to the Basque style, capturing the shapes and landscapes of the Basque Country in the cut and colours of mınımıl designs.