Sponsor a tree

In Spain, more than half of the rural villages are threatened to disappear. If our villages disappear, we lose their traditions, their culture and their ecosystems.

At Apadrinaunolivo.org they are recovering the abandoned olive trees of Oliete, a small village in Teruel that has seen its population decline in recent years. An environmental, social and sustainable rural development project. Life of an orange or olive tree can be very long, reaching up to 300 years, but unforeseen events (diseases, bad weather, etc.) can always occur and damage our tree. If there is any kind of problem with the sponsored tree, they will let you know and you will decide if you want to sponsor another tree.

As to citric trees, at Apadrina un Naranjo you can sponsor an orange or mandarin tree in their orchard in the province of Castellón. You will be able to watch it grow in your private area and receive your orange harvest at home. And if your tree does not bear fruit that year, they will provide you with the production of another trees.

Their initiative is based on you being the owner of your own orange or olive tree. Give it a name, as a tribute to someone you think deserves it, someone you want to surprise or simply the name of someone you don’t want to forget. Hey, or your own! They will send you a photo so that you can give it to that person as a gift or keep it together with the sponsorship certificate, which we will also send you. After the harvest, in which if you want you can participate and reduce the cost of the sponsorship, their teams will make sure that their supreme oranges or olive oil arrive safely at your home.

¡Arriba las ramas! Up the branches!