La Spiaggia serum

If you heard of La Spiaggia, you might think we’re speaking Italian. You’re right: Spiaggia means ‘beach’ in Italian. However, in this particular case, we’re referring to the firm of Olga Borrell, a cosmetics enthusiast who after a defining chapter in her life decided to quit her job at the bank to try her luck in this ever-growing industry.

This Barcelona-based brand refers to the coast is not a trivial matter: Borrell herself confesses her predilection for tanned skin (always with sun protection). After all, this effect is considered attractive in Europe, although in Asia it is considered a crime against the skin. And you know that the only way to talk about a safe tan is through treatments and products that change our skin tone without resorting to solar radiation, such as self-tanning products and colour serums.

La Spiaggia Spanish serum made in Spain

After researching, formulating and testing several samples first hand, La Spiaggia has included in its catalogue The Color Serum, a tinted treatment for all skin types with two basic functions: Caring for the skin on its inside and leaving it in perfect magazine condition on the outside.

Through a medium tint which adapts to all skin tones it provides the so popular Mediterranean skin tone without having to wait for summer or pay for UVA sessions. And thanks to its non-transfer technology, it doesn’t stain. As Freddie Mercury would sing in Bohemian Rhapsody: “Is this the real life? We’ve tried it and it is real, believe us.