Wonders love

Wonders is a Spanish company based in Elche which offers high quality women and men’s footwear. They stand out for making all their products in Spain, with handmade processes, offering unparalleled quality in all their products. They combine tradition, culture and know-how, offering appropriate footwear with the latest trends at affordable prices.

Wonders is one of the few companies that has remained entirely in Spain, and they constantly make this clear with their slogan “Made with love in Spain”. Its founder, Jaime Carbonell, founded the Droell shoe shop in 1967 with no previous experience in the sector. He offered private label shoes to large supermarkets. Although at first business was good, at the end of the 70s the company began to decline to the point of closing 80% of its factories.

Like a phoenix, Jaime did not cease in his efforts and rose from the ashes to found Wonders, which he decided to locate exclusively in Spain, despite the fact that all his competitors were manufacturing in Asian countries. This bet turned out to be beneficial and nowadays it has establishments all over the world, exporting 50% of its footwear.

Wonders shoes Spain

Benefits of locating their production process in Spain allow them to control the entire manufacturing process, offering a quality that the rest of their competitors cannot try to reach. In the same way, the capacity to react and the contact with customers is much closer, offering a much more exclusive service.

Wonders manufactures high quality women’s shoes. High-top boots, leather ankle boots, sandals… A wide variety of shoes made with quality products, with handcrafted procedures that will make you feel special and unique.