Marae Kids

Almost two years after her first inn, Princess Charlotte was once again wearing a coat made in Zamora, Spain. Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter dressed a bottle-coloured coat made in Marae Kids factory in Coreses (Zamora) for Amaia London.

After British royalty dressed little Princess Charlotte on her first day of school with a garment made of garnet colored wool from Zamora, their majesties have chosen again the Spanish firms to celebrate their first Christmas mass.

Marae & Amaia Kids Charlotte

Marae Kids is a brand born after the founders’ soul search for individuality, and their passion for quality and timeless, yet classy outwear. The founders were raised between knitting machines, yarns and their parents drive to produce top quality boiled wool outwear in the market.

This philosophy, alongside a tradition of more than 30 years, blended into a kidswear collection that is well recognized in UK market. Marae Kids offers a full range of wool outwear pieces for kids who love to feel smart in a natural and non-conventional style.