Monai’s upcycling

Monai‘s family business was born not only to give an outlet to their creativity but also to be aware of recycling, respect for the environment and look for alternatives to the the amount of textile waste generated today. Textile industry worldwide is the second most polluting on the planet after oil. Fashion world sells 80 billion garments worldwide every year and generates 20% of the toxins discharged into water.

And this fast fashion, why is it possible? These garments are made in Asia, where most of the world’s 250,000 factories are located, producing under exploitative conditions many times. Current model of linear economy is obsolete, but fortunately more and more brands and companies are betting on a circular economy basis to reduce the use of new raw materials, reuse existing ones and recycle.

Monai upcycling

They make sustainable fashion accessories that respect environment, without any kind of exploitation and providing social awareness. The recycled fabrics Monai use are surplus from textile factories, also work with organic wool without dyes or chemicals in its manufacture and with certified organic cotton yarns. With ICEA certifications (Institute for Ethical Environmental Certification) according to GOTS standards (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Monai project was born in 2014, but it was not until 2016 when their online store opened its doors. Formed by two sisters, actually the name of the company is the union of their names Monica and Aida (Monai Bags). All products are handmade, unique models, manufactured 100% in Spain in their workshop in Valladolid, without intermediaries, in a traditional way.

They also make custom designs, so if you do not find your model in the store you can always contact them and ask for your own design.