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It was planned to be launched at the end of 2020, but the pandemic accelerated the process and it seemed that it could be released in summer with the literary rentrée. But finally it arrived: the new platform (All your has brought together a collective catalog of nearly 800 independent bookstores associated with CEGAL – Spanish Confederation of Bookstores – and since October it is also a unified sales platform. Through it, the reader can find any title in their search engine, purchase and get it delivered at home between 24 / 48 hours. It is not the only one, but it is the most ambitious initiative launched by Spanish bookstores to face their biggest competitor, the one they are even reluctant to name: the giant Amazon, which has been taking down a good part of the online book sales last years.

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“We’re doing very well, very well”, celebrates Jesús Trueba, bookseller at La Buena Vida, a bookstore in Madrid, member of the board of directors of CEGAL and promoter of platform. They are in the process of filming, promoting the initiative among bookshops and readers. Although they still don’t have data on the transactions made, they have observed that visits to the web, which was at 2 million hits per month, have increased by 25% after activation of purchase option. “We have everything,” celebrates Trueba, “all that’s left is that readers know about us”.

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