Palomo Spain

Palomo Spain is a Spanish designer of colourful men’s fashion who bets for the fluid gender. Alejandro Gómez Palomo, a young man born in 1992 in Cordoba, has always been keen on the world of fashion. With the support of his family and willing to achieve his goal, he moved to London. He worked as a waiter for a while and then managed to get into the Liberty and WGSN brands, and would eventually enrol in Men’s Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion.

Palomo Spain Fashion

With his first collections he managed to sneak into such prestigious outlets as Opening Ceremony in New York and attract the attention of former Vogue Paris director Carine Roitfeld. But if there’s one merit attributable to Palomo, which is rare for an industry like Spain’s, it’s that his garments aroused the interest of both, media and consumers.

Silk gowns and pyjamas, prints, ruffles and brocades make up a maximalist aesthetic with baroque reminiscences and Andalusian airs, very much in the line of the latest Gucci that, along the way, turns the gender difference upside down. His ultimate intention is to bring Haute Couture closer to ready-to-wear and “reinvent masculinity, but from a natural point of view: let them dress as they like”. Almódovar, Rossy de Palma and Miley Cyrus are among his unconditional followers.

Palomo Spain workshop of his baroque proposals is still in his village: “I work with three other people in the workshop and, for the moment, we do everything ourselves,” he said. In just over a year, Palomo Spain has already paraded in New York, has been a finalist in the LVMH Prize 2017 and has managed to get Beyoncé herself to pose with her twins in one of his designs. In 2018, the brand takes a giant leap when it opens Paris Fashion Week. “There’s creativity, diversity and a little bit of disruption. We are looking forward to it,” commented the French Haute Couture and Fashion Federation. Soon after, he made her debut on Spanish TV as a judge for the talent show Maestros de la Costura which is screening its third season.