Spanish chips in Parasites movie

Korean film ‘Parasites’ has made history by being the first non-English speaking film to win the Best Film of the Year statuette. This is why the fever for the film is causing the most varied results, and latest it’s a Spanish potato chip company that doubled its annual sales in two weeks. This is Patatas Bonilla brand and their products have won exposition thanks to an unexpected cameo role in Bong Joon-ho’s comedy thriller and are already a cult product in Korea.

Chips from Spain. Bonilla potatoes.

Despite exporting tonnes of their products to the rest of the world, the company is a family business directed by its founder, César Bonilla, who is 87 years old now. Despite that fact, like another Spanish company that has taken its name all over the world (Zara), Patatas Bonilla was born in the city of Arteixo, Galicia, and it exports to 20 countries including South Korea where it supplies more than 40 tonnes of its potato chips every year.

However, this figure will fall short, at least this year. After forming part of the atrezzo for the four Oscar winning film, Patatas Bonilla has increased its online sales by 150% in only two weeks. This comes after a multitude of users interactions in all social networks and, in addition, some of them come from recognized influencers and celebrities in the Asian country.