Bodegas Riojanas and blockchain technology

Bodegas Riojanas wineries has joined Tattoo Wine, a platform that integrates e-commerce and blockchain technology to ensure wines origin and authenticity to overseas customers. In this way, Tattoo Wine becomes the first e-commerce platform specialized in wines that integrates blockchain technology.

This centenary wine company, which has as its main axis betting on innovation while maintaining respect for tradition, joins a new concept of wine marketing that has already been presented in both Shanghai and Hong Kong by Chinese company Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd., to which the platform belongs and which is supported by The House of Roosevelt, one of the leading wine distributors in Asia.

Bodegas Riojanas Spain

Tattoo Wine platform aims to provide confidence to global wine consumers while allowing to create a transparent network with the ability of smart contracts, which allows the wine to be exchanged safely and efficiently. All this with a special focus on the markets of China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore, where the consumption of European wines is expanding, so it will allow Bodegas Riojanas wines to expand its presence worldwide.

The Tattoo Wine Platform will be built on EY’s OpsChain and will use smart contracts to introduce transparency in wine distribution. The platform will provide information regarding the quality, provenance, and authenticity of new and vintage wines. It is targeting markets in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore. The name of the platform itself is an acronym: it stands for Traceability, Authenticity, Transparency, Trade, Origin and Opinion.

Blockchain technology will allow to trace the quality, origin and authenticity of authentic Bodegas Riojanas wines. Each bottle will have a unique QR code and consumers will be able to access each bottle origin information and details (from the roots, literally). In this way the Tattoo Wine buyers will access data that can range from vineyards location, time and weather of harvest, grape varieties, detailed information about barrels used in the aging – as source of the wood – and details from aging to the tasting notes, or awards and recognitions that each wine has obtained.