Ulises Merida’s Babel

Each woman’s name is drawn with brushstrokes of knowledge. Although etymology helps solve part of the enigma, it does not reveal all its secrets. The same thing happens to the woman who saw Ulises Mérida, who is giving clues with each item she chooses but remains mysterious.

Ulises Mérida Spain
Ulises Mérida Spain

Generation by generation, and on the basis of repeating them, those names are transformed into a mantra in eternal ascension, like Tower of Babel, with each new woman, mother or sister who is called. This is the inspiration for the #Babel Primavera-Verano 2019 collection by designer Ulises Mérida. With a chromatic range typical of the lavender horizon where the sky melts, represented by intense silver and blue grays, and the earth, staged in the mustard. The chosen fabrics symbolize a wealth that goes beyond the material, just like the woman who will wear the clothes. Games of textures and volumes. Armed and fluid silhouettes embodied in designs that are carried throughout the day and until dawn. All under one and the same thread, sealed by timelessness and elegance.

Tissues are taking body falling on the bust of tests, inspired by different languages, different opinions and a parallel world, as the song performed by Faltriqueira says “My dear Babel”. It is the first mantra of S. XXI, as defined by its creator.

The patterns are transformed, they grow, they evolve from the first collection until they reach the shape of this tower of Babel that evokes the woman who wants to keep her mystery.