Blockchain in Spain and Spanish products

It was not so long ago that the internet was considered the pinnacle of technology, a network that encompassed far-reaching corners of the globe and demarcated a new world from the old. Over time, technologies that fundamentally change the way people buy, operate and engage with each other have emerged, and we continue to make great strides towards a future enabled by technology and limited only by imagination. While blockchain is most frequently associated with its controversial cousin – the bitcoin cryptocurrency – the technology’s potential to shape the path for future generations should not be pushed aside. Blockchain has slowly crept into conversations in boardrooms, at policy meetings and around water coolers.

Hyperledger Spain

However, just as the  TCP/IP protocol was met with scepticism over its ability to transform services, so too is the blockchain nowadays. At that time, the idea that TCP/IP could enable the scale up of the Internet was inconceivable. Nowadays, blockchain looks forward to provide transparency and immutability of information and is considered one of the technologies that is expected to disrupt the supply chain and logistics industry.

Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Grid is a framework that provides a set of tools particularly suited to supply chain blockchains. At Buy from Spain we welcome contributors, both organizations and individuals, to help shape project direction, contribute ideas, provide use cases and work on specific examples. Our aim is to make resources and contacts available to the community so that the ecosystem can grow and expand its potential benefits to more Spanish manufacturers and international consumers. The world needs to stop worrying about blockchain, regulate it and let it fly.