Txakoli Getaria: Basque Country senses

Whatever the style or DO, Txakolis are all Atlantic wines, some more than others. Many vines have their toes practically in the ocean in Basque Country and this is not an easy place to grow grapes. As a result the wines are fresh, some of them tartly so, and most of them have low or moderate alcohol. In that respect they are in tune with a current trend for lighter, fresher wines.

Txakoli Getaria

Some producers are making the traditional styles, others are working with lees; a few are maturing wines in oak or concrete eggs, and many focus on parcel selection in their vineyards. Some are also bringing in consultant winemakers. Occasionally these are investors and new entrants to Txakoli. Export is an interesting issue and Txakoli de Getaria, clustered around San Sebastián, is the largest, and home to the style of spritzy freshness that has defined Txakoli.

For a long time, few Txakolis were exported and, in general, many international markets still see the entry-level of a brand rather than the more interesting special selections. However, with such diversity, there’s so much more reason to look beyond the ‘regulars’.