Lola Casademunt

Floral prints, candy pinks, sailor stripes and vibrant reds or current codes in animal print. Spring has already arrived for Lola Casademunt and Lola Casedemunt by Maite lines. It does so with a campaign in which Nieves Álvarez repeats as image and perfect firm ambassador with a growing loyal number of customers inside and outside Spain. Forty years of history endorse the trajectory of a company that emphasizes attention to detail, craftsmanship and high quality materials.

Lola Casademunt origins as a firm can be traced back to Mrs. Lola Casademunt herself, when in 1981 she used her house basement in Cardedeu (Barcelona) to handcraft delicate bows, headbands and other hair accessories. Thanks to her enthusiasm, her high level of self-demand and ambition, she managed to sell these handcrafted objects made with so much care in nearby stores.

Shortly after, her daughter Maite Casademunt joined the project to give a necessary twist to the firm that made her grow, adding a fashion line. Maite Casademunt devised a woman’s image with a very characteristic style, in which the enjoyment of fashion and trends stood out, and managed to position the company as one of the leading firms in Spain.

Since 2018, Maite Casademunt along with her husband Fernando Espona, lead the firm as president and creative director, bringing a young look and in touch with the trends that mark the pulse of fashion. A generational change that does not fail to find value in the rich legacy of 40 years of history.

Last autumn-winter 2021, the brand launched an image campaign entitled Call Me Lola, in line with its international ambitions. For this, no one better to put a face to it than a model as much ours as recognized around the world, Nieves Alvarez. The perfect ambassador to convey the character and DNA of a firm as full of personality as Lola Casademunt, which for this spring-summer 2022 repeats wearing a collection as optimistic as marked by the enjoyment of fashion. Mediterranean beaches and good weather serve as inspiration for a collection that invites enjoyment in saturated colors, nostalgia and very, very summery garments. Fashion to enjoy and to live it.