Begoña Cervera

Begoña Cervera’s passion for flamenco, dance, singing… is totally immersed in a exciting world full of projects to bring a good sound, firmness and craftsmanship so characteristic of authentic flamenco shoes. She has been a symbol of evolution and innovation in the design of handcrafted flamenco shoes and proof of this is the inclusion of flowers and embroidery usually exclusively in couture dresses and manila shawls that now can be on our feet, a fundamental part of this art.

This continuous innovation is due to the fact that Begoña Cervera knows well the world of dance and each flamenco dancer is looking for something different for each of their shows, needs and expectations that go through the customization and design of these models. Begoña Cervera continues to focus mainly on reinforcing the values that have accompanied them for 15 years now: Craftsmanship, exclusivity and quality made in Spain.

Begoña Cervera has affirmed that tradition is craftsmanship but also comfort, innovation and design. Proof of this is that since the end of 2014, the brand has launched an artistic project adapted to the shoe: The ARTY heel, a concept based on customization taken to its maximum power, where the customer can choose between different models of heels painted completely by hand. Each of them is carefully and delicately painted by a great group of artists. Among the heels, you can choose the style that best suits your tastes or needs, in colour, shape and height.

Flamenco shoes Spain Begoña Cervera

Begoña can boast of manufacturing its entire range of 100% flamenco shoes in Spain. In Elda (Alicante), surrounded by highly qualified personnel with experienced hands, these wonderful shoes are born carefully elaborated where each one of them with their imprint reflects your choices and tastes.

Since you choose a Begoña Cervera handcrafted model, until these shoes reach your feet, there is a process of creation and manufacture that carries a wide selection of characteristics of the flamenco shoe, such as the choice of materials, colour, height and shape of the heel as well as the external material (leather, suede, wood, hand painted…). Always counting on their personalized advice, your shoe will be unique and you can enjoy it as you wish.

Dancers from all over the world have motivated this designer to create a range of city shoes with all the flavour of flamenco, as well as accessories such as bags, t-shirts, wallets and briefcases, some of which are even in limited editions to give them total exclusivity. As always, each article of the brand is 100% made in Spain and with the guarantee of the quality of the most famous brand in the flamenco world.