Acrata’s pieces of art

Ácrata is the result of the quest for distinction, the taste for pattern construction and architecture, the strengthening of craftmanship. The past, the roots and the beginning are the basis that pave the way for the future. They link the know-how with the use of originating materials, along with the primary elements from artisan Spanish tradition which are intermingled with the design of future possibilities, where architectural shapes are such, based on what has made them.

Ácrata is woven using high-quality fine materials, selected very carefully and revalorising the use of ancient techniques. Providing unity to the different pieces because they carry the essence of the idea that conceived them, since it is art, in its primitive form, the core of the brand, that is why transgression boosts our urge to go one step further.

Acrata Spain

This brand seeks not only utility but also meaningfulness through the different pieces, they seek to forge a communication link that emerges from the idea that originates the product, its content, and the craftmanship that takes care of each element, so they can intertwine with the community since are focusing on objects that go far beyond need or impulse. Each one of the collections and its different parts, as well as the elements that compose them, have been given a certain sense designed to transmit the artist soul that has shaped them. Ácrata wants to turn day wear into a piece of art per se.