Kaiak by Enea

Since 1984, Enea designs and produces high-end contemporary furniture for all types of public and private spaces in the Basque Country, Spain. Hotels, offices and businesses, auditoriums, schools, hospitals, meeting and congress halls, bars and terraces… Their product range covers a variety of aesthetic and functional options, all of which evolve as their collections grow in order to meet the needs of international customers.

Kaiak by Enea Design Spanish furniture.

Enea’s Kaiak collection offers the combination of the outline of oak wood and upholstery, which delivers evolving and comfortable chairs and lounges. It is as suited to domestic settings as public and professional ones. Enea strives for sustainability throughout the production process, minimising the number of components, seeking to use recyclable and reusable materials, and reducing and replacing any materials that are dangerous or harmful to the environment.

Thanks to their international sales network, made up of agents and distributors on all five continents, has completed many installations around the world. This gives us a great deal of experience in terms of quality criteria, flexibility and production capacity. Cooperative tradition and innovation in the field of industrial engineering are in their DNA, that’s why they can take on all production stages, offering full reassurance in each and every one of our products. As a cooperative, Enea‘s aim is to transfer the best of local Basque production to the global market.