Meermin direct shopping

Meermin is a family owned-operated business based in the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain. They are dedicated to produce well made, quality Goodyear Welted shoes at a radical affordable price point.

The Albadalejo family is a historic of Mallorca’s shoemakers and nowadays is preparing a new opening with Meermin brand. The firm, led by Pepe Albadalejo, is finishing the launch of a new store in Paris, at district of La Madeleine. Meermin, based in Inca (Mallorca), already owns flagship stores in Claudio Coello Street in Madrid and Soho in New York, as well as trunk shoes in cities such as London, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Meermin Spain

In the shoe industry for decades, they have been making a lot of shoes collections for high end well-known brands. Also been distributed through some of the top high-end international departments stores, they felt this was not the fairest one for the customer at all. Then Meermin came up with a solution for it: Making it simpler for everyone: Manufacture and B2C distribute them directly to end customers.

Meermin selects the finest materials available and source them directly from tanneries, and they also design and develop beautiful bags and accesories with them. They handcraft the shoes and distribute B2C them directly to you, without wholesalers, agents, retailers… and best part of it: Transmitting these savings to you.