Apodemia Jewels: Inspired by Nature

In 1997 the Von Knobloch family traveled to Ontario in search of red maple wood suppliers. The national tree of Canada was used by Mrs. Von Knobloch to design exclusive furniture for the Spanish high society. It was a marriage of artists, the mother was an interiors and furniture designer while the father was a famous sculptor. Their three children had inherited the artistic skills of their parents but it was undoubtedly Jimena, the little girl in the house, who seemed to have a special sensitivity to everything around her.

On the first day of vacation, family went to visit the Point Pelee National Park. The views were overwhelming, branches of maples dyed red the landscape turning it into an autumnal picture in mid June. Jimena was enthusiastic, since the little one was a lover of nature, admiring beauty in every flower and wildlife.

In a moment, Jimena stopped looking at the ground and her mother noticed that she was about to cry. Her mother approached and saw three butterflies motionless among the maple leaves and felt pity, but at the same time pride for the noble heart of his little girl. Then she told her that she should not be sad because those butterflies had fulfilled their mission: reach Canada and guide their descendants to their next destination.

Apodemia Jewels Spain

It was the butterfly Apodemia, a specie that travels from Brazil to Canada and whose members only live some few weeks. The amazing thing about these animals is that mothers transmit to their young the necessary information to complete the trip, just as their mother did.

Over the years Jimena did not forget this story, but the young woman became more and more interested in the Apodemia and often talked about it to her parents and friends. In addition to her passion for nature, Jimena developed in her adolescence a special interest in fashion and jewelry. He began to visit his father frequently in the sculpture workshop and learned the technique of melting lost wax to create small molds for jewels.

Nowadays, Apodemia is a chain of stores which sells exclusive designer jewelry created by a team of designers led by Jimena Von Knobloch. Jewelry 24/7 delicate and inspired by nature. Spanish, but of international vocation, Apodemia is created around the members of their community, although their butterflies are the main focus of attention.

Apodemia is jewelry inspired by Nature.