Dantza gourmet vegetable preserves from Spain

Spain is among the largest powers worldwide in this preserves industry. Its success lies in respecting tradition and seeking excellence in its raw materials. The origin and quality of processing of vegetable preserves are guaranteed by the labels of Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication. Over one hundred years of experience certify the professional insight that characterizes Grupo AN, leader of agro-food sector with a turnover of 1.156 million Euros. Grupo AN is the largest cooperative producer of cereal in Spain and markets over a million tonnes of grain every year. The cooperative is also highly active on national and international wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed and sunflower markets.

Dantza vegetables from Spain.

The firm is a world reference on the fruit and vegetable sector, due to its prestigious Asparagus from Navarre (Espárrago de Navarra asparagus has this Specific Designation of Origin since 1986, and the Protected Geographical Indication from 2003), Artichokes from Tudela and Pepper Piquillo from Lodosa, which are offered under Dantza brand in different formats: fresh in season, canned, fourth and fifth range, A very wide range of canned products that contain the jewels from all the variety of Navarre vegetables to the basic products of the kitchen such as tomatoes and sauces, including new trends and prepared dishes. Dantza also offers an exclusive selection of the best Spanish preserves, with the Gold Series and its other ecological varieties.