Spanish top ham brands list

Pig’s hind leg is one of Spain’s most appreciated products and its elaboration process, which begins with acorn feeding in the wild, is considered an art. Here are 10 of the best Spanish hams brands:

Joselito Gran Reserva: The best-known Iberian ham brand inside and outside Spain. Cured in Guijuelo, about 40,000 units are marketed per year, after a period of 24 to 30 months in the dryer storehouse. They also sell special sets as Sarda, Moneo or Joselito Vintage Happy Pig Collection. Entire piece: 70 euros / kilo (approx.).

Jamones Carrasco: One of the great brands of Guijuelo. With purebred black pigs that breed in the pastures of Salamanca and Extremadura, the Carrasco family has been producing excellent hams for four generations, with aromas as intense as their flavor. Entire piece: about 52 euros / kilo (approx.). 100 grams envelope: 18 euros.

Jabugo Jamon Spain Spanish Ham
Spanish Jabugo Ham. Jamon from Spain

Sierra de Jabugo: This pure Iberian ham of acorns comes from a cure of more than 36 months in the artisanal wineries that the company Consorcio de Jabugo has in that locality of the Sierra Huelva. Pieces with powerful flavor and the right point of salt. Entire piece: 56 euros / kilo (approx.). 100 grams envelope: 16.60 euros.

Sierra de Sevilla: With a small production (just over 14,000 pure Iberian pigs), this Sevillian company produces hams of great presence, aromatic, with intense and persistent flavor and subtle sweet touches in the north of the province. Entire piece: about 42 euros / kilo (approx.). 100 grams envelope: 13 euros.

5 Jotas: Sánchez Romero Carvajal was a pioneer in the production of hams from pure Iberian pigs in Jabugo. With an average cure of 24 months, it stands out for its aromas, for its excellent taste in the mouth and for its texture. You can purchase 5 Jotas hams at El Corte Inglés. Entire piece: 70 euros kilo (approx.). 100 grams envelope: 19.75 euros.

Dehesa Maladua: From pig’s black leg to the white leg. This spotted Jabugo pig (exquisite rareness in danger of extinction) is raised by only 51 producers, all in Huelva province. “The white hoof was his condemnation”, summarizes local farmer Eduardo Donato. “They put people in their heads who, because they had a white hoof, were inferior in quality to the black leg.” Color more than flavour. Today, in the hands of this visionary farmer who has proposed to rescue this breed, his ham is the most expensive in the world: It costs 4,100 euros per piece, 500 €/kilo.

Ibéricos Covap: Covap is a livestock cooperative in the Los Pedroches valley (Córdoba). Among other products, they make hams from Iberian acorn-fed pigs. After salting, the best pieces for their brand Alta Expresión are selected after a cure of more than 36 months. Entire piece: 45 euros kilo (approx.).

Juan Pedro Domecq: Pure Iberian pork hams bred in the wild and fed with acorns in the foothills of the Sierra de Huelva. Each piece, subjected to a traditional process, heals a minimum of three years in the drying store house that the company has in Jabugo. Entire piece: 54 euros kilo (approx). 200 grams envelope: 33 euros.

Bernardo Hernández: The company Berder elaborates in Guijuelo hams from pigs from its farms in Salamanca and from others rented expressly in Extremadura for the montanera. Hams made in the traditional way, with a great presence and pleasant flavor and a little sweet. Entire piece: 45 euros kilo (approx.). 100 grams case: 9 euros (approx.).

Ibéricos Maldonado: This company from Albuquerque (Badajoz) is famous for making on the most selected hams in the world. Up to 1,500 euros for one of its exclusive Albarragena selection from which only 100 units go on sale. They elaborate other “normal” ones, also of excellent quality, with many nuances. Entire piece: 52 euros kilo (approx.).